Unlock Bonuses and Prizes in Call of Dragons with These Game Codes

Unlock Bonuses and Prizes in Call of Dragons with These Game Codes

Call of Dragons is an immersive mobile game that lets players explore a world filled with mythical creatures, including powerful dragons. To enhance the gameplay experience, the game offers players the ability to redeem special codes for bonuses that can give them an edge in the game.

Here are the latest codes for Call of Dragons, along with the bonuses they offer:




One silver key, 60 minute speed-up, and eight-hour enhanced gathering


Mystery prize


Mystery prize

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The first code, playCoDnow, is an all-in-one bonus that includes a silver key, a 60-minute speed-up, and an eight-hour enhanced gathering. The silver key is particularly valuable as it unlocks special chests containing rare and powerful items. The speed-up and enhanced gathering bonuses can also help players progress faster and gather resources more efficiently.

The two other codes, UTKPPIKS2I and UTER3DB3T5, offer players the chance to win a mystery prize. This mystery prize could be anything from in-game currency to rare and powerful items. Players who use these codes will be able to enjoy an extra boost to their gameplay experience.

To redeem these codes, players simply need to go to the game’s redeem code section, enter the code, and the bonus will be automatically added to their account. It is important to note that these codes have a limited lifespan, and can only be used once per player.

Overall, the Call of Dragons game codes are an excellent way for players to enhance their gameplay experience and gain an advantage in the game. With the latest codes offering valuable bonuses and mystery prizes, players have more reasons than ever to dive into the world of Call of Dragons and become the ultimate dragon master.

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