Farlight 84 Hero Tier List : Choose Your Champions Wisely

Farlight 84 hero tier list

Farlight 84 is an exciting battle royale game that features a diverse roster of characters, each possessing unique sets of skills and important stats. For newcomers who may find it challenging to select the most suitable character, we have prepared a comprehensive hero tier list for May 2023.

Tier List Breakdown: To facilitate character selection, heroes in Farlight 84 are divided into three distinct tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). Let’s delve into the best heroes in each category:

SMK.R, BeauDucksydeEmberSunil

Best Meta Heroes in Farlight 84 for May 2023:

Attack Heroes– MK. R:

Farlight 84 Hero Tier List : Choose Your Champions Wisely

MK. R, an advanced cyborg character, boasts a Health Point of 120 and Strength of 480. With its versatility and remarkable physical attributes, MK. R stands out as the best Attack class hero. This character possesses three special skill attacks:

  • Fatal Valley: Fires a bombardment of rockets in the target’s frontal area.
  • Spray ‘n’ Pray: Unleashes a powerful weapon, shooting continuously without worrying about ammo limits.
  • Down ‘n’ Out: Resets the jetpack cooldown upon achieving a kill or an assist.

Defense Heroes – Ducksyde:

Farlight 84 Hero Tier List : Choose Your Champions Wisely
Defense class heroes fulfill a supportive role on the frontline, defending and aiding attackers. In this regard, Ducksyde stands as the premier Defense class hero in Farlight 84. With a Health Point of 120 and Strength of 480, Ducksyde excels in mid-range combat. Noteworthy skills include:
  • Travel Barrier: Deploys a defensive drone that creates a large protective barrier, which moves and follows.
  • Smoke Bomb: Utilizes a smoke bomb for strategic advantages.
  • Double Restore: Periodically activates the Shield Recharger with double the effect.

Scout Heroes – Yong:

Farlight 84 Hero Tier List : Choose Your Champions Wisely

Scout heroes play a critical role in gathering intel and assessing the terrain for the team’s next move. Among them, Yong emerges as the top Scout class hero, thanks to high HP, Strength, and unique skill sets:

  • Divulge: Activates a tactical reconnaissance eyepiece, providing comprehensive enemy information within the target’s range to all teammates.
  • Springboard: Deploys a springboard that propels the user at high speed.
  • Track ‘n’ Trace: Enables the character to track recent enemy footprints.

Support Heroes – Sunil:

Support class heroes excel in providing assistance and backup to the team, be it through healing or long-range support. Sunil takes the crown as the ultimate support character in Farlight 84, with exceptional long-range efficiency, HP, and Strength. Notable skills include:

  • Hologram Guide: Dispels negative effects from allies, briefly rendering them immune to debuffs. Increases movement speed and damage of all allies for a short duration.
  • Springboard: Deploys a springboard for swift repositioning.
  • Adrenaline: Increases movement speed while shooting.

Final Thoughts:

With this comprehensive hero tier list, players can confidently make informed decisions when choosing their champions in Farlight 84. Remember to leverage the unique skills of your selected heroes and demonstrate your survival skills in the exhilarating battles that await you.

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